Metra Aluminum and Decoration Sharjah

“Metra Aluminum & Decoration Company LLC” was established in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates in 1986 as a Head Office, and as an extension of “Metra Decoration Company” based in the Lebanese Capital (Beirut).

Soon the Company won a great reputation in the field of creating, making and executing interior designs, particularly as far as “Fast Food Restaurants” and other widely known Restaurants, Banks, Hotels, Garments showroom, Eye glass showroom, Villa and worldwide spread brands.

This was done while “Metra Decoration Company” kept going on in Beirut making successful achievements in the field of building contracting where the company has its clear impressions in the Capital and in the Mountain (El-Jabal), where are standing residential Villas and Commercial building, Hotels etc…

This what actually motivated the Company’s Founder “Mr. Nabih El Moghrabi” and the Company’s Board of Directors to take the initiative of expanding the Company by the inauguration of a number of branches in “Dubai, Syria, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar” while maintaining the Head Office in Sharjah as our Main Branch running and providing all these branches with its products.

Our employees, our potentials, our expertise and everything new of materials in the world of construction are all competent to win the satisfaction of our honorable clients and to satisfy their requirements as well as coping with the rapid development in the field of contracting and decoration with a view of making glittering names in the field on interior designs. This will also help us take pride in the achievement of every new single project with our interest to be a touch of beauty in our world.

Nabih El Moghrabi

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